The scanning process requires the best devices on the market. Camar has a precision of ± 0.2 mm, which guarantees the maximum fidelity of the scanned model.

The model to be scanned can be either a work of art, an existing architectural element or it can even be a new model created by a sculptor or craftsman. The requirements of this model should preferably be opaque materials, which are not translucent and which in turn are not reflections. Even so, polychrome surfaces can be scanned.

Once the necessary point cloud has been obtained, our team of experts will proceed to its treatment and materialization in the final piece.



Technology provides us with a great opportunity in the world of carving, high or low relief and sculpture.

Getting to materialize quickly, accurately and efficiently any existing model anywhere in the world, converting it to digital format in 3D is something that Camar has been doing with its own devices since 1999.

Comprehensive consultancy

At all times the client will be able to preview the result of scanning, being able to even make previous renderings combined with the detail drawings production in case it is part of a larger set within the project in progress.

Our technical team will make available to the client for the choice of measurements and materials to be executed by the Numerical Control Manufacturing machines in the our factory.

An opportunity to create and make lasting in time everything that marble and its beauty allow to be replicated.

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