Auditorium Theater Revellin
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Auditorium Theater Revellin

Auditorium Theater Revellin

Auditorium Theater Revellin in Ceuta, Spain 

Since March 2011, the City of Ceuta has had the Revellín Auditorium Theater, a work of the prestigious Pritzker architecture award, the Portuguese Álvaro Siza. In this short time, the theater has responded to the expectations of all Ceuta and has become essential in the cultural life of the city.

Auditorium Theater Revellin

It is one of the most important places in the city 

Five buildings, with 25,000 square meters built, surround a large public square that connects with the commercial and tourist streets of Ceuta del Revellín.

Camar has supplied several types of stone for its construction, highlighting:

  • 900 ml of 10 cm thick Polar White marble sills with slopes, for use on roof wall ledges, jambs and window lintels.
  • 715 m2 of flooring in pieces of 80 x 80 x 3 cm in Polar White marble for the paving of the covered terraces.
  • 5,500 m2 of Crema Ambar honed in 2 cm thick for straight and curved cladding, skirting boards and stairs.
  • And 4,550 m2 of Crema Ambar honed in 3 cm thickness for interior floors, stairs and counters.